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NIKOMAX shielded plugs specially designed for cat.6 and cat.6a SHIELDED solid cables! Two new models of protective boots!

  • January 12, 2022


Basic information

Our product line expanded with two new plugs, specifically with NMC-RJ88RZ50SE3-T-100 (cat.6) and NMC-RJ88RZ50SA3-T-100 (cat.6а). The plugs have shielded construction, universal type, and, of course, are suitable for termination of both solid and stranded cables during patch cords production. Moreover, 50 µinch of gold plating prolongs patch cord service life and protects copper contacts from oxidation as well.


The specially designed detached tail is the unique feature of the brand-new NIKOMAX plugs. That enables crimping the shield outside the plug's body, thus increasing the permissible outer diameter these boys can deal with and allowing the termination of shielded cables with very thick wire.

Protective boots

Basic information

On the other hand, we have our new boots. The first one is NMC-RJBOOT75T-TR-100, specially designed for above mentioned plugs with an inner diameter of 7,5 mm. The second one, his younger brother – NMC-RJBOOT65S-TR-100, with an inner diameter of 6,5 mm, is suitable for thicker Cat. 5e shielded cables. Both are made from transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and match perfectly with cables of any color! And, of course, a special boot’s design allows maintaining a safe cable bend radius and provides latch protection. All of that exponentially prolongs jack’s service life and improves the convenience of system maintenance.



As for the packaging, it’s pretty standard – the plugs and boots are delivered in a branded polyethylene bag with an informative sticker on the backside by 100 pcs in each.


For more details feel free to contact us at sales@vstech.com.sg

Tips and tricks to terminate NIKOMAX standard patch panel in 7 easy steps

  • November 01, 2021

A fast and quality installation is not a myth. In our videos, we tell in detail how to install with ease and achieve a good result with the best time possible. 

Check out this video, where the NIKOMAX technical specialist is going through 7 steps of NIKOMAX standard patch panel termination, revealing at the time some tips and tricks. 

In this video, we will show you how to terminate the NIKOMAX standard patch panel.

  • precession cable cutter NMC-222
  • cable stripper NMC-350
  • punch down tool NMC-3640R
  • multipair impact punch down tool NMC-315DR
  • velcro ties NMC-CTVxxx-yy-SB-zz-10

 For more details feel free to contact us at sales@vstech.com.sg

New SlimLine Patch Cord

  • October 27, 2021

Go Slim & Save Space

Application and Advantages

It is mainly used in computers, routers, switches, telephone landlines and other network communications for data transmission. The smaller diameter of the cable helps to improve air flow around the equipment, and has a smaller bending radius, it makes it easier to manage cables in high-density areas.

  • Help to improve the air circulation around the active equipment
  •  Be easy to manage cables in high-density areas
  •  Be suitable for high density cabinet connection
  •  Greatly reducing worker routing time
  • SlimLine Cat.6A patch cord available U/UTP 3.0mm and U/FTP 3.5mm
  • Space saving to standard patch cords up to 170% U/UTP and 120% U/FTP
  • Smaller / less cable management
  • Better installation handling
  • Better air flow
  • Reduced weight and fire load
  • Comply with all category 6A requirements as per ANSI/TIA, ISO/IEC and CENELEC EN standards:
  • ANSI/TIA-568.2-D:2018
  • ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017
  • CENELEC EN 50173-1:2018
  • IEC 61156-6:2012,
  • СENELEC EN 50288-10-2:2015